Providing support, specifically tailored for you, to enable you to create more balance and harmony in your life.


Having devoted herself to her own personal development since a teenager and with a background in Psychology, Education and Counselling, Raven provides a compassionate, supportive and non-judgmental environment.  Through her own healing journey, her psychological research and her experience supporting a wide variety of people, Raven has recognised the connection between emotion, physical ailments, patterns of thought and self-limiting attitudes/behaviour.  She uses Universal Energy to bring whatever qualities you require to enable you to unfold in your life and evolve to live your true purpose with more ease and grace, with an increased understanding of your capacity for growth and fulfillment as you reconnect to who you truly are.


Raven has learned that as we clear and evolve our perspectives, develop more love and respect for ourselves and others and align ourselves with who we truly are, we also serve to raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet. 


Throughout her life, in various roles, Raven has always worked closely to support others. In whatever capacity Raven works, she is passionate about supporting people to become self-loving, self-empowered, unlimited individuals who can create their lives the way they want them to be.

Group Sessions

Relax, unwind, reacquaint yourself with peace


  • Group Sound Healing Sessions

  • Group Nurture Sessions

  • Classes

Individual Consultations

Confidential, tailored to suit you


  • Sound Therapy

  • Energy Therapy

  • Enhance wellbeing 

  • Increase emotional balance

  • Raise your vibration

  • Increase your ability to feel happiness, joy etc

  • Increase self-love, self-confidence, self-worth and the like

  • Phone consults and much more  See more >>

Professional Development

Tailored to suit you or your group


  • Pampering days

  • Seminars

  • Corporate packages

  • Mentoring‚Äč

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